Alyss streams "Motherland" EP

Alyss streams 'Motherland' EP

Classically trained singer/ songwriter Alyss has unveiled her brand new EP: Motherland. This EP includes the previously released track T S I E R which is a laidback song with groovy tribal vibes. Alyss describes writing the lead track Motherland as being like
…. a spiritual ceremony. It’s difficult to explain…but it was like this strong, matriarchal force came through and wouldn’t leave until I’d created the whole thing. It felt very channelled.   There’s an ancient wisdom that has been lost from our modern day culture and it feels like Motherland came as a reminder, as a calling to remember, to reach in to that place so many have been disconnected from.

Alyss recently performed live alongside Skott and Sampha at Annie Mac Presents at the Jazz Café and she will also be playing live at the Pitchfork Festival in Paris and The Bermondsey Social Club in London on November 30th.

Motherland track listing

2. T S I E R
3. Moon
4. Ku Ku Lane
5. Motherland
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