Alicia Rae Drops Touching Single 'Little Warrior'

Alicia Rae Drops Touching Single 'Little Warrior'
Hey guys! Alicia Rae has dropped a very emotional new single called Little Warrior. The song was written in honor of Alicia’s friend, a strong-willed 10 year-old girl who lost her battle with leukemia. Alicia said,
I wrote this song after learning that my friend Maddie was preparing to battle Leukemia for the fifth time. I wanted this song to be a reminder for her to keep living life the way I'd always seen her live it... with strength, courage, a smile, a sense of wonder, innocence, and so much love.

On October 20, 2015, Maddie earned her wings, and we miss her every day. I hope that this song can remind all of the little warriors out there to keep fighting, stay innocent, and lean on love.

"Love, my only answer is LOVE" - Maddie Grace, Warrior Princess

A portion of sales will go to CureSearch to help fund the research to find a cure for children's cancer. To learn more about CureSearch, or to donate directly, visit
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