Gab Oswin To Release 'Ghost Terrace' EP

Gab Oswin To Release 'Ghost Terrace' EP
Gab Oswin is set to release two tracks on GabCat Records with SOM Underground founder Brothers’ Vibe and recent Roush signee Arado bringing the remixes.

Ghost Terrace meanders forward with thudding kicks and dusky atmospherics before introducing echoing synth stabs whereas Resurrected Drummer focuses on a low-slung groove comprised of percussive rhythms and soaring pads. Brothers’ Vibe’s Ground Down Remix of Ghost Terrace then demonstrates intricate drums as the original’s synths are altered to resonate throughout. Concluding the package, Arado’s mesmerising rendition ups the energy whilst generating an atmospheric aesthetic from the off.

Gab Oswin Ghost Terrace EP drops on GabCat Records on December 5th and you can preview it below!

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