Malaa Drops 'Illicit' EP

Evening guys! I've got a treat for you! The masked DJ/Producer Malaa has release his debut EP, Illicit! This is a 4-track EP of amazing Deep, Dark Hip-House music that has so much energy and groove it will make you go wild on the dance floor (or at home like I did when listening to this masterpiece).

Here we have the previous released single, Diamonds, with that tropical vibe to it and a sick sick bass! Frequency 75 features a tight mix of eccentric percussion samples to find its match in Malaa's heavy electro bassline, and his signature lo-fi vocal cuts. Danger drags its listeners into Malaa's masked and twisted atmosphere as it boasts massive bass wobbles layered with a hard-hitting kick-snare pattern, followed abruptly by a merciful breakdown perfectly rounding out the undeniably heavy EP This is music to just let loose and go wild! Loving it!

The EP's artwork features a woman holding a painting of The Mona Lisa in a ski mask. Very "gangsta", haha! Have a listen to this EP below and dance! Dance my friends!