Delhi-based electro producer Hashback Hashish is back with his new EP, Zone!  Ashish Sachan aka Hashback Hashish, is at the forefront of India’s growing electronic scene. This EP is a dynamic sphere of glitchy electronica, characterised by a surge of piercing bass lines and pulsating rhythms that see the Rolling Stone India-supported artist take a step back into minimalism. I adore the title track with its pulsing and deep bass line which then gives way to layered percussive kicks!

Ahead of the EP's release, Hashback Hashish has spoken of the growing importance that the growing Indian electro scene has had on Indian music.
Our scene [electronic music in India] needs more ears to listen, something that is still based in a lot of bias and hype. Regardless of the situation though, good music find its ways to travel. I spent a lot of my first few years hyperventilating over the state of things in India’s electronic scene; an utterly unpredictable audience, etc. Now, however, I feel liberated from all of that. I just care about doing what I like and hopefully a handful of other people will do, too. If not, I enjoy it enough to last me a lifetime.

With over 10 years of musical experience under his belt, Hashback Hashish has had ample time to perfect his craft, both as a producer and performer. This has seen him performing to crowds across South East Asia, as well as playing alongside Noisia, 808 State and The Bug at Bangface Festival in the UK earlier this year.