Amber Run have unveiled the visuals for their brand new single, Haze. This is such a smooth tune about seeing the world through a veil of distrust and sadness. I am feeling an Imogen Heap vibe here. Awesome tune guys! This song is taken from their upcoming sophomore album, on which they are still working on! The band spoke about the track: 
 This is the most recent song we've written for our second album, which we are currently recording. We felt like we had to show it to you guys as soon as possible, as it speaks volumes about what we've gone through as individuals and a collective over the past year.
Haze is about seeing the world through a veil of distrust and sadness. An apology for feeling that whatever you do, you’ll inevitably end up failing; that whoever you love will inevitably end up leaving, and that in whichever direction you walk, you’ll inevitably end up at the same place. It's a plea for someone or something to come along and get you back on your feet.
As some of you may have guessed, we are now a four piece. Felix made the decision to leave Amber Run a couple of months ago for personal reasons. We all love him and remain best mates. We wish him all the success in his future projects and know he has everything going for him.
We want to thank you guys, our fans, for sticking with us and supporting us. We are so excited by what we've created in this second record so far - we have so much to say, and a new found confidence with which to say it.
This is the new era for us. We want you guys with us every step of the way.