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Hey guys! I was lucky enough to ask Sonnet some questions so you all could know a bit more about her. Her musical influences are Joni Mitchell and Ani DiFranco, among others, and she would love to perform at Madison Square Garden!! I really appreciate her taking time to answer these questions! Get to know her more by reading the full Q&A below!

1.    Ive read you spent a long time of your childhood travelling. Does your music gather influence from all countries youve been in? 
Not as much as I would like.  I am really drawn to Middle Eastern music.  I even sang with a Persian band for a little while a couple years ago. I would like to work in more Middle Eastern percussion and instruments in future productions. 

2.    What made you want to follow music? Was it always the #1 thing you wanted to do for a living? 
There was never another thought.  I was singing before I could speak- that is all I ever wanted to do.  I didnt choose musicjust was chosen for me.

3.    How did you feel when your song Youre So Good for Me was featured in the Coca-Cola campaign? 
It really was the turning point for me where I started to believe in my abilities as a songwriter.  It helped me gain the confidence to continue to write and challenge myself as an artist.  I was thrilled with the opportunity.

4.    How was the creative process behind your catchy track Girls? What was your inspiration? 
The EP in general was inspired by the dynamic between two people in relationships.  Girls was inspired by my observation of my girlfriends in relationships and of course myself as well.  I wanted a sort of confessional on how crazy girls can be sometimes, but still keep the sentiment of the song and girls in general- honest and authentic.  Yes sometimes we do make believe Love but most of the time I would say we do it dreamily and with love.

5.    What song - out of the ones you already released/written - means the most to you? Why? 
That is so hard to say because each song means something real to me at the time I write it.  But I would say right now it is Half Your Heart.  This song comes from a very honest and personal place, it is fulfilling to sing live, and the production is sparsereally letting the meaning of the song come through.  I think it is a good message as well.  I wont take what I can get, I want more Ill admit…” I am not just going to settle for something if it is not what I deserve or all I want.  Even though it may be painful at first, Id rather be true to myself and travel through the pain then compromise.

6.    What are your musical influences? 
I grew up listening to Joni Mitchell and Ani Difranco, strong women with powerful lyrics.  And my grandparents introduced me to jazz and my love for Ella. 

7.    Are you planning any collaborations/duets? 
I am always planning collaborations J!  I am collaborating with a couple producers (Little Kinky) on some remixes of my first EP which will be a lot of fun for the summer. 

8.    With whom would you love to work with and why? 
I would love to work with Bruno Mars and the band Fun.  I think both of these artists have strong vocals and a similar songwriting approach to myself.  I love them both as songwriters and singers.

9.    Where would you most like to perform? 
HmmI have a number of theseId sayme, a grand piano and Madison Square Garden.

10.  What artist are you listening to on your iPod? 
Im kinda obsessed with Imagine Dragons right now

11.  If you weren't singing, what would you be doing? 
Maybe writing for a publication on travel, culture, or fashionmaybe.

12.  If you could only listen to one artist the rest of your life, who would it be? 
Bob Marley.  His music is pretty perfect for almost any mood and occasion.  It is hopeful, meaningful, sentimental, sing-along-able, emotional, chill-out-able…

13.  Name five things you cant live without! (she cheated a bit here hehe)

  1. Water & Air (obvious I knowbut just in case I am tested on this someday and only given these 5 things I would like to make sure I get water & air.  J)
  2. Family & Friends
  3. Gratitude
  4. Mangoes
  5. Pen & Paper
  6. Kisses

14.  Whats your favorite song of 2013 so far? 
Radioactive Imagine Dragonswell I think it might have come out before 2013, but I only heard it in 2013.

15.  If you had to pick a singing show (X-Factor, American Idol or The Voice) which one would you pick and why? 
Quite honestly I dont watch these shows (or much of any TV for that matter), so I dont think I can give an informed answer here.

16.  Ten years from now you will be. 
Funny how this seems to be the most personal question of the lotthough I guess it really isnt.  It is feels venerable to expose your dreams, goals, and aspirationshmm okay- maybe I am stalinglets see10 years from nowI will be sitting on a beach in Thailand with my family between tours and working on 2 new songs,-- 1st one for my newest record I am working on and 2nd one for a current popular artist who will be cutting one of my songs on his/her new major record release.

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