Here I introduce you to Strangers! They are a three piece from Northampton, UK. Their names are David Maddox Jones, Raife Hacking and Piers Sherwood Roberts. They have a fourth studio member called Glen Nicholls who produces the tracks. They formed in 2011 and have released amazing tracks such as Safe/Pain which allowed them to gain exposure on radio 1, XFM, etc! This song is just a pure exapmle of their talent and is SOOOOOOOOOO Good! If I Found Love is another track that I love! They also release some cool remixes like a rework of Haddaway's What Is Love and Kimbra's Posse! Their music can be described as Dark Pop! They remind me of Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and Nine Inch Nails! They are really something and I am sure you will enjoy their songs as much as I have! They are currently working on their debut album and if you are in London you can check them out live on November 15th at Queen Of Hoxton!