Sam Setton Shares New Single ‘8 Years New Tears’

NYC born & raised singer/songwriter Sam Setton shares his brand new single 8 Years New Tears, a super smooth, laid-back piece of Bedroom/Lo-Fi Pop! 
The title track of his new album, which is out now, 8 Years New Tears finds the talented artist reflecting on a period of personal growth and self-discovery over the span of eight years. Sam acknowledges that despite thinking he had everything figured out, he realizes his journey was filled with misunderstandings and mistakes. This reflection brings about new fears and tears as he stresses about his life choices. Ultimately, the song conveys a message about the unpredictability of life, the importance of self-reflection, and the inevitable changes and growth that come with time. 
This is a very relatable, introspective piece of music that is flawlessly conveyed through his silky smooth vocals that glide nonchalantly over the infectious production. Apart from his vocals, I am particularly fond of the lush guitar plucks and how they are nicely paired with steady drum patterns and rhythms that come together to create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a laid-back weekend.