NOEL Shares New Single ‘Out of My Mind’

Swedish singer and songwriter NOEL shares his brand new single Out of My Mind, a powerful song about overthinking and the desperation and how easy it is to get stuck in a downward spiral. 
I am absolutely in LOVE with his voice and how passionate and heartfelt his delivery is, radiating raw, honest emotion and soul that instantly makes me feel each and every single word he is singing. I am loving the dramatic touch of the song and how it builds up in energy to match the emotion of his delivery. 
As an overthinking I can 100% relate to this song as I also get in that negative headspace and struggle to see that light at the end of the tunnel, which makes me anxious and affects the relationships I have. NOEL beautifully captures these struggles and feelings through a song that allows him to let the tough emotions tumble out, making it something of a therapy for him. Apart from his passionate vocals, I am particularly fond of the emotive piano keys which are then joined by thundering beats, echoing harmonies and rhythms that come together to create a dramatic and powerful listening experience packed with soul and emotion.



Speaking about the song, NOEL said, 
 ‘Even though I'm generally a happy person, I've definitely had some low points. When I'm in that headspace, I tend to overthink and be negative, making it quite difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. "Out of My Mind" was written from this perspective, focusing on the desperation and how easy it is to get stuck in a downward spiral. I watch a lot of movies, and while writing “Out of My Mind”, I imagined it as part of a soundtrack. My two songwriting friends and I created the core of the song in about an hour, which is very fast compared to my usual process. However, since it's such a sensitive topic, it took a lot of finesse to get the words just right.’