Lowly Light Shares New Single ‘M.N.M.’

Lowly Light, the pseudonym of American artist Matt Gorny, shares his brand new single M.N.M. (aka Money Never Mattered), an upbeat, feel-good piece of indie/synthpop music. 
Written as a love song to life, digging into the deeper corners of attraction and need, being wanted and feeling worthy, M.N.M. finds the talented artist gifting us with a chilled-out piece of music that makes it perfect for a relaxing weekend. I am really enjoying the smooth, dreamy vocals and how they glide effortlessly over the upbeat electronic production. Apart from the vocals, I am particularly fond of the funky rhythms seamlessly intertwined with bright synths and a chilled-out, percussion-driven groove that come together to create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere.