Justelle Drops New Single ‘Demonstrate’

British songstress Justelle shares her brand new single Demonstrate, a super smooth, sensual piece of R&B. 
Produced by GRAMMY winner aamiir (Rihanna, Sia) and Justelle, and co-written with Mombru (Muni Long, Fridayy), Demonstrate finds the talented artist singing about a specific part of a relationship that is inspired by her own personal experiences. I am in love with her voice and dreamy harmonies which exude so much soul, emotion and sensuality that instantly got me excited to want to share it with you guys. Backing her rich, soulful vocals we have subtle R&B rhythms seamlessly intertwined with lush strings and expansive atmospherics that come together to create a rich and explorative sexy undertone that makes Demonstrate a perfect song for laid-back, sensual bedroom sessions.



Speaking about the song, Justelle said,
At the time Demonstrate was written, I was going through a break up. We had to end things because we had different perspectives when it came to what love and respect is and a lot of small arguments would pop up because of it. Demonstrate was written to express how I wanted to let things be for our last night together- to distract ourselves from all the fighting and arguing in the relationship’s final stages.