Jasmine Crowe Shares New Single ‘Exit Music’

Hawaiian pop artist, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jasmine Crowe shares her brand new single Exit Music, a dynamic pop, RnB / soul ballad. 
Written by Crow with Dario Marcello who also produced the track, Exit Music finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing her powerful, intense vocals which paint a story through the metaphor of dance about the ending of a relationship and a couple’s torment of holding on and not being able to let each other go. I am really enjoying her powerful vocals which effortlessly infuse the song with a memorable dose of soul and emotion, soaring effortlessly over a dramatic blend of Contemporary R&B and Electro-pop elements. I am particularly fond of the steady beat seamlessly paired with swelling guitars, lively piano keys and emotive strings that come together to create a passionate and memorable listening experience.