Estella Dawn Shares New Single ‘514 Denim’

New Zealand-born, San Diego-based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Estella Dawn shares her brand new single 514 Denim, a summer-ready anthem out now on Purplestar Records. 
Her 5th release this year, 514 Denim finds the talented artist setting the mood with a stylish progression from acoustic ode to an intoxicating floor filler, all the while maintaining the honesty and emotional depth of the work she's offered so far. The star of the song is Dawn's rich, powerful vocals which exude so much confidence and soul, instantly capturing our attention from start to finish. Apart from her gorgeous vocals, I am very fond of the seductive electric guitar plucks which are seamlessly paired with groovy rhythms, slick melodic rap and a soulfully satisfying hook, all together creating a blissful, feel-good atmosphere perfect for carefree summer holidays!