CATBEAR Shares New Single ‘Rush’

British duo CATBEAR, consisting of best friends Zoe and Sarah, are back with their first single of the year Rush, an upbeat synthpop gem! 
The single lands just in time for the duo to perform Rush live on the main stage at this year’s Bristol Pride on 13th July where they’ll be sharing the bill with the Human League, Ladytron and Georgia. What I like the most about this song is its warmth and retro vibes that instantly got me in a good mood and excited to share it with you. Rush pairs their lush vocals, dreamy harmonies with hooky guitar riffs, bright synth chords, a pulsating bassline, and a singalong-loudly euphoric chorus. I am really loving those synths and bass that just make the song pop even more and give it an edge and groove that I find quite captivating. This is one of those songs perfect for a late night drive or for those moments when you just want to unwind and surrender to a hypnotic beat and just dance.



Speaking about the song, Zoe said, Rush is probably our most upbeat and enthusiastic song yet. We wrote and recorded it in chilly winter in a dark studio, and we were focussing on the warm, carefree days of Summer, where energy is endless and you’re excited to start each day. Thinking about times we’ve felt a ‘rush’, the lyrics could be describing an intense crush, a banging party, the adrenaline hit of extreme sports, taking a risk - wherever you get your dopamine hit. We had fun making the song, playing the twinkling synth melodies, recording the clap-a-long middle breakdown, taking turns to layer the vocals, just the two of us dancing around in our studio cave enjoying ourselves.