Atomic Shares New Single ‘Red Car’

Minnesota and LA-based singer and songwriter Atomic shares her brand new single Red Car, a catchy pop song! 
What I like the most about this song is Atomic's sweet, expressive vocals and how dreamy and ethereal her harmonies are, effortlessly creating an airy and dreamy vibe perfect for a laid-back weekend! Red Car is a song about wanting to see someone so badly that sometimes you catch glimpses of them in strangers passing by. And when you realize it's not them, it makes you want to see them that much more. A very relatable song about yearning for someone and how it can create such illusive moments, beautifully wrapped around a captivating pop production with intricate guitar riffs, steady drum patterns and synths that come together to create an overall sun-soaked, laid-back atmosphere perfect for a relaxing summer's day.