Alex Runions Shares New Single ‘On An Island’

Canadian singer-songwriter Alex Runions shares his brand new single On An Island, a captivating blend of Country, Americana, Roots and Pop influences. 
Written by Runions and the song’s producer, Chris Burke-Gaffney (MacKenzie Porter, Chantal Kreviazuk), On an Island finds the talented artist contemplating the sadness of isolation in a fading relationship, a relatable storytelling that is flawlessly delivered through his raw and emotive vocals. Apart from his gorgeous vocals, I am particularly fond of the steel guitar and how it is seamlessly intertwined with steady drum patterns and catchy bass that bring Americana, roots, and subtle pop elements to the artist’s familiar country voice.



Runions says,
Relationships can start off being beautiful and fulfilling, before evolving into growing emotional distance despite the semblance of intimacy. As co-writers, Chris and I wanted to look at what that sense of isolation feels like when – despite your best intentions – you’re floating further away from the person you love. It was important for the production to match the vulnerability of the lyrics, so Chris used his expertise to make the music deliberately understated and moody.

On an Island is the first single to arrive from the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based artist’s upcoming third album.