AiramFM & Kat Yvonne Share New Single ‘Hold On’

AiramFM, the moniker of Danish singer/songwriter Maria Friis Møller, teams up with Canadian singer/songwriter Kat Yvonne to deliver Hold On, a captivating alt-pop/indietronica cut. 
Written about hope and resilience, and how those we lose are never really gone, Hold On finds the talented artists beautifully showcasing their storytelling abilities and lovely vocals over a warm, comforting soundscape. I am really enjoying their vocals and enchanting, dreamy harmonies which glide effortlessly over the catchy melodies. Even though this is a song about hope I am also getting some melancholia touches that are intertwined with a dreamy vibe that makes the song stand out even more. Backing their vocals we have intricate rhyhtms and atmospherics that enhance the emotion pouring from their vocals and create a warm, intimate atmosphere perfect for a reflective day home alone.