Scott the Pisces Shares New Single ‘Delusional’

British Producer-Songwriter Scott the Pisces has teamed up with London based artist Mimi Sky to deliver his brand new single Delusional, an upbeat electro-pop cut about a boy who’s obsessed with a girl, who doesn’t see him in that way. 
His fourth official single to date, Delusional was produced and written by Scott and features the lovely vocals of singer-songwriter Mimi Sky which instantly infuse the song with a memorable dose of confidence and emotion. I am really enjoying how addictive the chorus is, perfect to sing out loud while dancing to its infectious production. Delusional is a vibrant and catchy girl pop summer anthem about a girl who is dealing with a boy who is completely obsessed with her. This playful back and forth conversation is backed by an upbeat production that pairs groovy rhythms with lush synths, upbeat percussive elements and an ear worm of a chorus that will be stuck in your head for weeks.



Speaking about the song, Scott the Pisces said, 
Writing Delusional, I was tapping into my own experiences. There’s been countless times where I’ve fallen for someone who didn’t want to pursue anything. I wanted to flip those negative experiences into a fun record to listen and laugh to, and it ended up being a super catchy pop song! When I first produced the instrumental for DELUSIONAL, I purposely wanted to capture the essence of summer, based on the vibey disco inspired tracks of late. The lyrics were written by me sitting at the microphone, singing melodies until words formed. The whole song was never written down until I finished the demo. Mimi was able to take that feeling and build upon it with her immaculate vocals.