Robert O’Connor Unveils New Single ‘Everything You Wanted’

Irish singer/songwriter Robert O'Connor has unveiled his brand new single, Everything You Wanted, a retro-inspired song produced by Gareth Shortland (Sophie Ellis Bextor, Steps). 
Everything You Wanted is about hitting that sweet spot in life where you’ve got “the money, the fame, the body, the face, a lover’s embrace”, as he sings in the chorus. I am trying to get that sweet spot in life, and I don't require all of that, just some love and health (And a bit of €) would suffice. It's a song that celebrates reaching one's goals in a quiet manner, going against the current trend of showing off everything on social media. I am really enjoying how smooth and expressive his vocals are, gliding beautifully over the infectious 80s-tinged synth-pop melodies with a lush sax solo that gave the song that warm touch perfect for the summer.



Speaking about the song, O'Connor said, 
It’s about having it all, and getting it through good old-fashioned hard work. These days, everyone’s an influencer, everything’s rented or gifted, so when someone is a grafter, and has quietly built an impressive life for themselves without shouting it from the rooftops, that’s infinitely more impressive to me.