P&B Share New Single ‘Nostalgia’

British singer-songwriter duo P&B, consisting of Paris (lead vocals) & Bob (guitar, keys, backing vocals), share their brand new single Nostalgia, an emotional ballad about being haunted by the failures of a past relationship. 
I am loving the song's touches of melancholia and nostalgia which instantly captured my attention to their relatable storytelling. Paris's expressive, emotive vocals radiate so much soul and emotion, reflecting on the overwhelming nostalgic feelings that can surface when being reminded of a past relationship, only to conclude that it’s best to let go & move on. You can really feel the raw emotion pouring from her lush vocals which are backed by a captivating folk-pop production that pairs acoustic guitar riffs with steady drums and subtle piano keys that come together to create an overall warm, nostalgic atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone.



The band say about the song:
We’ve performed it live many times with just an acoustic guitar & vocals. While this helped us capture the emotions of the song, it’s been great to get in the studio & craft an emotional soundscape using a more complex arrangement that expands on the sound palette we can produce from our songs.