Pablo Iranzo Shares New Single ‘Up2NoGood’

German singer and songwriter Pablo Iranzo has just shared his brand new single Up2NoGood, a sensual, laid-back synthpop gem. 
I am really enjoying his rich, expressive vocals and how they exude so much soul and sensuality, instantly drawing the listener's attention to his relatable storytelling. Up2NoGood finds the Munich-based artist exploring the thrill of being drawn to someone dangerous, while highlighting the power of instinct in avoiding toxic relationships. This message, beautifully conveyed through his vocals, is wrapped around an infectious EDM-infused Pop production (by Andrei Sora) that pairs a captivating melodic guitar with lush, expansive synths, killer percussive elements and a modern Depeche Mode vibe that come together to create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere with just the right amount of mystery and sensuality.