Monotronic Share New Single ‘Sun Song’

NYC-based Indie band Monotronic, founded by guitarist/producer Ramsey Elkholy, share their brand new single Sun Song, a captivating indie-pop song. 
Taken from their long anticipated album Waiting For You, due in early 2025, Sun Song is an upbeat song that finds the artist beautifully showcasing passionate, expressive vocals which soar effortlessly over an infectious indie-pop production. Sun Song exudes carefree summer vibes with its catchy, uplifting melodies that pair punchy drums, soaring, sun-soaked guitars, energetic percussion and synths. I am really enjoying the energy of the song and how it sounds perfect for a carefree summer's day. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Elkholy reflects, 
I had been playing the opening guitar riff on the sofa for many months without any lyrics or concept. I think I was riffing on Nirvana's ‘All Apologies’ initially, which then morphed into something else. And then one morning before heading to the studio I played the riff and out came ‘I don't want to lose a minute of sleep, lying in bed and wondering what could have been.’ At that point I knew I had a concept and the song kinda took off from there. We tracked most of the instrumental that day and the lyrics were finished about a week later. The song kinda wrote itself… and the outro lyric ‘waiting for you’ actually became the title of the record.