Mindy Gledhill Shares New Single ‘Pleased to Meet Me’

American singer and songwriter Mindy Gledhill has just shared her brand new single Pleased to Meet Me, a melancholy-infused piece of music. 
What I like the most about this song is how delicate and emotive her vocal delivery is, beautifully creating a warm and vulnerable atmosphere that I find quite endearing and heartwarming. This is a song about seeing years going by so fast, wishing we could press pause so we could really take time to fully love ourselves. When we're young we wish time went by faster so we could be grown ups, but as soon as we hit a certain age we wish things would go much, much slower. As someone that sees the speed that years are going by so fast, I really wish I could just pause things and enjoy myself and get to know me even better. A song about self-love that is flawlessly delivered through Gledhill's enchanting vocals which radiate so much soul and emotion that is enhanced by the emotive piano keys and cinematic touches. Such a great song perfect for a chill, introspective day home alone.