Mentum x ILYAA Unveil New Single ‘Monster Under My Bed’

Rising Norwegian EDM act Mentum, have joined forces with Swedish DJ/ Producer ILYAA to deliver Monster Under My Bed, a high-energy, summer-ready EDM cut! 
Out now via Helix Records, Monster Under My Bed showcases the innovative sound and energy that Mentum and ILYAA bring to the table, making it a standout track for the summer. I am loving the passionate vocals which effortlessly infuse the song with a memorable dose of emotion and euphoria that makes it perfect to sing along to while dancing! Apart from those passionate vocals, I am particularly fond of the pulsating beats seamlessly paired with mainstage techno elements and lush synths that come together to create an overall high-energy atmosphere perfect for summer festivals to come.



Speaking about the track in more depth, Mentum say: 
Monster Under My Bed is a journey through the intense emotions that keep us awake at night, brought to life with the pulsating energy of high-tempo dance beats and mainstage techno elements. We hope this collaboration with ILYAA on Helix Records will make listeners feel the same rush and energy that we poured into every beat and melody. Get ready to dance and face the monster under your bed Friday, June 14th!