Marie Naffah Shares New Single ‘Mother of Pearl’

London-based singer and songwriter Marie Naffah has just shared her brand new single Mother of Pearl, a heartfelt love letter. 
The title track of her new album, which is out now via Frictionless, Mother of Pearl finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing her rich, honey-soaked vocals which radiate raw emotion and soul, instantly connecting us to her heartfelt storytelling. This is a vulnerable, honest piece of music packed with heart which is enhanced by the delicate acoustic guitar-based melody that is nicely paired with steady drums, creating an overall warm, intimate atmosphere that gave me the feels in no time.
Of 'Mother of Pearl', Marie says:
I think love pours out of this album. Romantic, platonic, parental, self-directed... and not just the joyous aspects of love but also its complexities, from the tender to the tough. The songs are varied, but linked by lyrical storytelling, honest observations, nostalgic melodies. There are glimpses of sadness and angst and moments of euphoria and sheer hope. I hope listeners drink it in. I hope they sway, dance, hug, cry - whatever the feeling, I hope it bursts out of them.