Marella Drops New Single ‘Salem’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Marella shares his brand new single Salem, a smooth indie-pop/folk song. 
Salem finds the talented artist exploring new genres by seamlessly blending indie, folk and jazz influences, showcasing his versatility and willingness to experiment. Produced and mixed by Max Beinert, Salem pairs Marella's smooth, tender vocals with a captivating production that instantly creates such a comforting and soothing atmosphere. I am really enjoying his vocals and effortless storytelling that is enhanced by the delicate guitar plucks seamlessly intertwined with steady drum patterns, lush piano keys and brass elements that create such a memorable and enthralling listening experience packed with so much heart and soul. This is one of those songs perfect for my laid-back, introspective days home alone with my thoughts. Check it out below!



He explains the nature of the song,
I never knew that mistakenly playing an Amaj7sus2 chord on a broken down Weltron with a rubber saddle would have turned into a full-fledged song. This song challenged me to get out of my normal alternative rock writing style and pushed me into the indie-folk realm more than I’ve ever been before. I teamed up with my producer Max Bienert and trumpet players Lucian Mahan and Ellie Olson to turn what once was a mistake into ‘Salem.’