Luna Keller Shares New Single ‘Lighter Than Before’

Spanish/German singer and songwriter Luna Keller shares her brand new single Lighter than Before, a joyful anthem of overcoming and self-rediscovery. 
Taken from her forthcoming album Ocean Inside of Me, Lighter Than Before finds the talented artist showcasing a more upbeat and uplifting side to her music, contrasting with the darker songs on the album allowing a moment of pure bliss. Keller celebrates reaching a place of renewed joy and self-acceptance after struggling with depression, a song written from a place of deep joy and the realization of coming home to oneself after a long period of disconnection. It aims to remind listeners that, just as it is important to face our darkness, it's also important to embrace our light. 
An uplifting message beautifully conveyed through Keller's delicate, expressive vocals which soar effortlessly over an infectous blend of acoustic guitars and banjo riffs that are seamlessly paired with steady percussive elements, creating an overall warm, uplifting atmosphere. 
Speaking about the song, Luna Keller said,
We can only see the stars at night, and walking through our darkness can help us to see and appreciate our own light more. I don’t want to take away from how terrible it was to go through depression, definitely do not recommend that experience. But I did go through it and since I can’t change that I might as well try to get something positive out of it. The truth is that before things got bad I hadn’t really faced myself and accepted myself fully. The inner work I had to do to pull myself out of that whole has become the foundation to the much healthier and joyful relationship that I have with myself.