Just Graham Shares New Single ‘Blood Gutter’

Toronto-based artist Just Graham shares his brand new single Blood Gutter, a trance-inspired synthpop cut out now via Feather & Bow Creative Co. 
Inspired by the trauma of Graham and his partner witnessing a skateboarder struck by a car who they initially thought had died, Blood Gutter finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing his storytelling and singing abilities over an infectious production. I am really enjoying the tone of his voice and how it is nicely paired with lush strings that are intertwined with cool guitars, a Roland Jupiter JP-08 synthesizer and a prominent rhythms section that together create a warm, somewhat hazy atmosphere.



Speaking about the song, Just Graham said, 
We learned the next day that the skateboarder had survived, and had my backpack which had been accidentally thrown into the ambulance at the scene of the accident. I wrote the song the next day in reflection of the events when they were still fresh and raw. Experiencing something traumatic together formed a new type of bond in our complex and ever-evolving relationship.