Joëlle Buyckx Shares New Single ‘Can't Get Enough’

Italian-American singer and songwriter Joëlle Buyckx has just shared her brand new single Can't Get Enough, a punchy, confident piece of nu-disco music! 
The star of the song is Joëlle's rich, soulful voice which radiates raw emotion and soul, soaring effortlessly over the retro-infused production. Listening to this song all I can feel is a sense of joy and euphoria, instantly getting me excited to want to share it wit you guys. Can't Get Enough is a song about the overwhelming feeling of insatiable desire towards someone, where every encounter leaves you craving more and can never get enough. Buyckx beautifully captures this feeling of excitment and euphoria through her stunning vocals that are accompanied by a groovy beat seamlessly intertwined with lush disco synths and catchy brass elements that enhance the song's sensual, feel-good atmosphere. A great song to get you in a good mood and ready for a fun night out with friends.