Frankie Bird Unveils New Single ‘23’

American indie-pop artist Frankie Bird (previously known as FRANKIE) shares her brand new single 23, an endearing folk/indie-pop song taken from her debut album, Twenty Something, which is out today. 
What I like the most about this song is its warmth and intimate atmosphere that allows for listeners to truly connect to her delicate vocals and relatable storytelling. I am a fan of her tone and how her delivery radiates raw, honest emotion as she sings about her experiences during the pandemic and how she was wishing to go back to when she was 23 when all her dreams came true and she felt like she was in Oz. A song about living in the past as a way to escape one's present situation, 23 finds the talented artist pouring her heart out and finally realising that there's no place like the here and now. This message is wrapped around a delicate guitar-based melody which is seamlessly paired with lush strings and dreamy harmonies that come together to create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere.



Speaking about the song, Frankie Bird said,
“23” is my own personal experience feeling like Dorothy in Oz. I wrote this song during the pandemic when I was 29, idolizing the year I was 23 when all my dreams came true and I felt like I was in Oz. I was fully living in the past, frozen in time, in denial about my present situation, and dreaming of going back in time. I felt like Dorothy, back in Kansas in her sepia-coloured world, not entirely sure if any of the adventure in Oz had actually happened to her. Was it all in my head? As the year progressed, my mindset started to change as well as the world I was living in. I wrote my album, Twenty Something, found a new group of musicians to collaborate with, and made the music I'm most proud of. For the first time in years I was more in love with my present than my past. By the time I recorded 23, I finally felt what I was hoping for in the song. There's no place like home. There's no place like 29. There's no place like here and now.