FLEUR ROUGE Unveils New Single ‘Lost Cause’

London-born French-raised future-pop artist, FLEUR ROUGE shares her brand new single Lost Cause, a brooding alt/electro-pop cut! 
The track follows the successful release of ‘God Complex’ earlier this year and is the third song from her upcoming EP, due for release at the end of 2024. Lost Cause is an intense biographical admission of a broken relationship and facing up to the realities of its collapse, a relatable message flawlessly delivered through FLEUR's smooth, melodic vocals which radiate so much soul and emotion, effortlessly emotting a tinge of sadness. Backing her vocals we have a catchy beat throughout that is nicely paired with delicate guitar riffs that build up in pace and energy to match the raw, honest emotion pouring from her vocals.



Speaking about the song, FLEUR said,
I wrote this song about a relationship I had with someone who was in the music industry. The music brought us together but, ironically, was the thing that pulled us apart. It touches on the bitter reality I had to face where even if you love that person so much, if you're not compatible it's inevitably not going to work.