Esmae Shares New Single ‘Fire’ ft. Onika J

UK-based, hip-hop siren Esmae shares her brand new single Fire, a confident, female empowerment anthem! 
For this song, the talented artist teamed up with fellow UK rapper Onika J whose quick-fire, confident rap flow fits perfectly with Esmae's rich, distinctive tone. Fire exudes so much passion, soul and confidence, instantly creating an empowering atmosphere that will get you in a good mood in no time. I am particularly fond of the bouncy melodies, especially the lively piano keys throughout the song and how they are seamlessly paired with infectious percussive elements, cool horns and catchy rhythms that come together to create an upbeat, high-energy atmosphere with a chorus perfect to sing out loud! If you're looking for that extra dose of confidence and energy, then Fire is a great song to add to your daily playlists.



On the track, Esmae reveals, 
Fire is such a fun song, which really embraces female empowerment. You can feel the unapologetic united front between me and the incredibly talented rapper, Onika J, from the off. There is no choice but to bounce to this track - it has its own life force, it’s pure fire.