Elle Baez Shares New Single ‘I Am The Man’

Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter Elle Baez shares her brand new single I Am The Man, a doo-wop-inspired pop song! 
I Am The Man finds the talented Latina singer-songwriter gifting women around the world with an empowering anthem that encourages them to take back their autonomy and embrace being the love of their own lives. This unapologetic women empowerment pop gem is flawlessly delivered through Baez's powerful, soulful vocals which soar effortlessly over the retro-infused production. Apart from her bold lyrics and passionate vocals, I am particularly fond of the catchy beat and how it is nicely paired with live guitars, lush strings, catchy horns, delicate piano keys and luscious layered harmonies that together create an overall warm, empowering atmosphere.



Elle says,
I wanted to make a song with old-fashion vibes that took female empowerment to the next level. I don’t need no man to love myself and in fact, I will love me till forevermore. In the end, your longest relationship in life is the one with yourself. As women, we are taught from a young age that we need a man to survive, and I want women around the world to know that you can just say “Yes, I Am The Man”.