Diana Goldberg Shares New Single ‘Gravity’

German-Latvian alt-pop singer, songwriter and musician Diana Goldberg has just shared her brand new single Gravity, an upbeat summer track out now on Golden Tape Records. 
The first part of her double-EP Tears don't fall in space, out later this year, Gravity marks a vibrant shift from her dark pop roots to an exhilarating space pop sound. Co-written with Joseph Feinstein, and produced with Joseph and Charlie en Vogue, Gravity finds the talented artist capturing the thrill of falling in love again after a toxic relationship. A relatable and uplifting storytelling beautifully conveyed through her gorgeous vocals which are backed by a light and upbeat pop production that pairs 80s synth-influences with nostalgic and futuristic elements. The whole atmosphere of the song is quite fun, an anthem decitated to love that instantly got me in a good mood, wanting to dance and simply have a good day. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Diana says, 
The track was created as part of my two-part EP ‘Tears don’t fall in space’ and embraces the feeling of falling in love again. It captures the exciting beginnings of a new relationship, the honeymoon phase where everything is possible and even physical laws are defied, such as “defying gravity”, being “stuck in eternity”, “losing your sense of time”. A pop anthem dedicated to love!
With this track, I want to encourage people to change their perspective and let themselves be guided by life. You can sometimes find love in moments and locations you least expect it. It also doesn’t have to just be about a romantic connection, it can be moments with a family member, or embracing new friendships - the feeling of love is so universal, it applies to everyone and everywhere.