Boy In Space Shares New Single ‘Mayflowers’

Boy In Space, the moniker of Swedish singer and songwriter Robin Lundbäck, shares his brand new single Mayflowers, the latest single to be taken from his new EP, Copium, which is out now via BLNK Music. 
I am a fan of Robin's distinctive vocals and how passionate his vocal delivery is, radiating so much energy, soul and emotion that instantly got me excited to want to share this gem with you guys. Mayflowers is a nostalgic pop anthem about being able to appreciate the past, a relatable song that is flawlessly delivered through his heartfelt vocals. Backing his powerful delivery we have delicate guitar strums which are seamlessly intertwined with emotive piano keys, lush strings and steady drum patterns that culminate into a highly infectious, anthemic chorus perfect to sing along to. 
Shot in his Swedish hometown Alingsås, the accompanying new video sees Robin take on a fresh role as both an actor and co-director, beautifully blending his passion for filmmaking with his staple raw vocalism and earnest lyrics.



Speaking about the video, Boy In Space said,
With the music video for 'Mayflowers,' ROOM7 and I were heavily inspired by the movies 'Taxi Driver' and 'The Tree of Life.' We wanted to contrast those settings. One being very dark and gloomy, and the other being beautiful and light, like the memories of what used to be. It was a great learning curve being a co-director on this project and also being a silent actor. We filmed the video in my hometown of Alingsås, which made the process a lot easier, knowing the best locations for certain scenes.