Billie Zizi Shares New Single ‘Levitate’

Canadian singer and songwriter Billie Zizi shares her brand new single Levitate, a melancholic and yearning piece of music! 
Taken from her forthcoming album of the same name, set to arrive on October 25th, Levitate finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing her lovely, expressive vocals over an infectious production that instantly caught my attention from start to finish. A song about defiying social norms and feel free, Levitate is wrapped around a pedal steel-laden production with soaring melodies, cool drums and lovely harmonies that come together to create an overall warm, somewhat melancholic atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone. Accompanying the release, Zizi shares its official music video, directed by Dale Bailey, which beautifully embodies the song's warmth and message!



Speaking about the song, Billie Zizi said, 
I've always been fascinated with the edges of reality and this tune is about the intersection of the mundane and the profound and how those universes embrace each other. To levitate is to act in defiance of gravity, which is a metaphor for an act that defies social norms. “I let it take me, I let it take me, I levitate and I feel free,” is like when you give in to transcendence or a dream, or something that makes you feel alive.