Andrew Spice Shares New Single ‘High Park’

Toronto-based indie-pop singer and songwriter Andrew Spice shares his brand new single High Park, a heartfelt piece of music and his first single in 20 years! 
Following the release of his debut album, Pretty Demons, which came in 2003, Andrew took an unexpected step away from music to become a clinical psychologist and now musical inspiration struck again and the talented artist is gifting us with a warm, intimate piece of music perfect for an introspective day home alone. High Park finds the artist beautifully showcasing a vulnerable side of him, firmly re-establishing him as a unique artist and indie trailblazer. This is a song about loss and recovering from trauma, a relatable storytelling that is backed by a delicate piano-based melody that is delicately paired with subtle drum patterns and an infectious chorus that together make this quite a memorable listening experience.



Speaking about the song, 
Andrew Spice said When I left my initial music career to become a clinical psychologist, I never imagined that I would return to music. Making ‘High Park’ reminded me that I am still a songwriter and an artist. It is a song about recovering from trauma by reconnecting with nature, animals, my piano, and my voice. ‘High Park’ is a song about profound loss, a celebration of newfound independence, and a love letter to both Toronto and my dog.