AJ Wander Shares New Single ‘hell & high water’

London-based singer and songwriter AJ Wander shares his brand new single hell & high water, a heartfelt piece of music packed with soul and emotion. 
Written duuring a moment of despair, hell & high water finds the talented artist singing about realising that he needed to let down his guard and embrace change if he ever wants to find happiness again. A very relatable story that is flawlessly conveyed through Wander's powerful, passionate vocals that radiate raw, honest emotion and soul that instantly gave me the feels and encouraged me to do the same: let my guard down and embrace change. This heartfelt story and his stunning vocals are backed by a captivating production that pairs delicate, emotive piano keys with intricate guitar riffs, punchy drums and a chorus perfect to sing along to. Definitely one of those songs that will give you the feels in no time!