AiramFM Shares New Single ‘Midnight Veil’

AiramFM, the moniker of Danish singer/songwriter Maria Friis Møller, shares her brand new single Midnight Veil, a melancholy-infused indietronica cut. 
Her 14th release to date, Midnight Veil is a deeply personal song, born from grief after losing her mother to cancer in April 2022. The song finds the talented artist pouring her heart out and singing about longing and how nostalgia can feel painful, when you’re longing for a part of your life that only lives in the silhouettes of yesterday. A powerful, heartfelt song that is beautifully delivered through her enchanting, expressive vocals which radiate so much vulnerability and emotion. Backing her delicate delivery we have a captivating electronic production, featuring infectious rhythms, warm synths and steady rhythms that together create an intimate and emotive atmosphere.