Aerus Share New Single ‘Ease Your Mind’

Aerus, comprising Dalton Meekins and Dillon Hennesy, share their brand new single Ease Your Mind, a high-energy Melodic Techno & House cut out now via DND Entertainment. 
What I like the most about this song is its warmth and melodic atmosphere, pairing lush vocals that radiate with emotion and soul, instantly infusing the song with a memorable dose of emotion while also making it perfect to sing along to. The chorus is like a mantra, getting us ready to relax and just surrender to the song's hypnotic groove. Ease Your Mind creates a serious amount of tension in the builds, putting listeners on the edge of their seat, with powerful drums and a captivating groove that is bound to get everybody dancing in no time. I am also very fond of the synths and infectious percussive elements that build up in pace and energy to match the emotion pouring from those vocals. This is a song perfect for a Saturday night out with friends and to dance the pain away.



Speaking about the song, Aerus said,
Inspired by Dillon’s mother, a former pop singer in the '90s, we found a new source of creativity when she shared some of her unfinished songs. Intrigued by the potential in her vocals, we set up a studio session to re-record some of her lyrics. Out of all the vocals, "Ease Your Mind" stood out. Captivated by the emotion in her voice, we stayed in the studio, building around her raw vocals to create this record.