Zulhou Share New Single ‘Won’t Hold Me Back’

Zulhou, the project of German artists Oliver and Michael, are back with their 6th single of the year Won't Hold Me Back, yet another gorgeous, hypnotic piece of Deep/Progressive House music! 
Just in time for the weekend, Won't Hold Me Back is packed with lots of soul and energy, instantly getting me in a good mood and ready for a fun night out. Like its predecessors, Won't Hold Me Back was written, sung, produced, mixed and mastered all by themselves, finding the duo once again effortlessly showcasing smooth, evocative vocals soaring effortlessly over the signature sound. I am particularly fond of the lush, expansive synths which are nicely paired with modern stutter effects, echoing harmonies and energetic percussive elements that come together to create a high-energy, danceable atmosphere perfect for a fun weekend and to dance the pain away.