Will Pope Shares New Single ‘Rooftops’

British artist Will Pope shares his brand new single Rooftops, a warm and intimate folk song about pre-empting loss. 
Out now on Revolver Records, Rooftops finds the talented singer-songwriter beautifully showcasing his heartfelt vocals and storytelling abilities over a captivating folk production that instantly gave me the feels. Rooftops shares a message of how nostalgia can numb the present but it can also lead us into a false sense of security that will make it harder to move forward. A relatable, heartfelt storytelling beautifully conveyed through his gorgeous vocals which are backed by lush strings which are seamlessly paired with intricate guitar riffs and delicate keys that come together to create an overall intimate and emotive atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone.



Speaking about the song, Will Pope said,
Rooftops is a song about pre-empting loss. The context of the song is that it was written as I was selling the house I grew up in after a difficult bereavement. The song dwells on the comfort of nostalgia and how it can help to numb the present, and although nostalgia may be consoling, it can also lull you into a false sense of security making it harder to take those tough decisions that drive you forward. This is evoked in the image of sitting atop a flooded, damaged property which has been left to ruin and is of little value relying on the memories of some former time to help this individual make sense of the moment they find themselves in.