Trisha Shares New Single ‘Unfinished’

Indian singer and songwriter Trisha shares her brand new single Unfinished, a captivating pop song about trying to love someone while dealing with one's own insecurities and anxieties. 
Unfinished finds the talented 16-year-old artist beautifully showcasing her delicate, expressive vocals and storytelling abilities over a gorgeous pop production that instantly won me over from the start. I really like the tone of her voice and how relatable her storytelling is, as we find her singing about how her intrusive thoughts were plaguing both her mind and her relationship, forcing her to end the relationship before it became toxic. We sometimes tend to get a bit lost in our heads and our own insecurities can truly affect the ones around us. This is a way for Trisah to unpack her feelings and learn how to deal with them in a healthier way. A relatable song backed by cool guitars seamlessly paired with a killer beat, lush synths & strings and infectious rhythms that come together to create an overall warm, intimate atmosphere perfect for those introspective moments alone.