Rivas Shares New Single ‘Beautiful Thing’

American DJ/Producer Rivas shares his brand new single Beautiful Thing, a blissful piano House cut radiating uplifting, summer vibes! 
I am loving the energy of the song and how it instantly got me in a good mood and ready for a fun weekend (Even though it's only Monday). Beautiful Thing pairs heartfelt, passionate vocals that sing about the transformation brought by meeting someone special, who opens your eyes to the beauty of life, making every day feel like a celebration. This gem captures a journey from darkness and loneliness to a newfound sense of joy and appreciationg for life, an uplifting cut wrapped around a polished electronic production. I am particularly fond of the vibrant piano melodies which are seamlessly intertwined with a driving house beat that together build up in energy to create a blissful atmosphere perfect for carefree summer days, having the time of our lives.