"Cookin' At Greaseland" is a reflection of the power of chance encounters and the enduring legacy of musical talent. Quique Gomez and Little Charlie Baty, two maestros from different corners of the world, unite in a serendipitous collaboration that yields extraordinary charisma.

From the moment you hit play, the album beckons you into its world with the promise of something special. Recorded at the iconic Greaseland Studios, the birthplace of countless blues gems, the stage is set for magic to unfold. Guided by the skilled hands of Kid Andersen, the album is a masterclass in blues craftsmanship.

The premier single, "Thirstiest Man In Town," serves as a tantalizing preview of the sonic feast that awaits. Gomez's vocals are a raw and potent force, laden with emotion and authenticity. His harmonica cries out with a haunting intensity, blending a tale of pain and redemption. Baty's guitar work is also nothing short of sublime, effortlessly conjuring up images of smoke-filled juke joints and late-night confessions.

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