Olive Louise Unveils New Single ‘No Medicine’

New York-based singer and songwriter Olive Louise has just unveiled her brand new single No Medicine, a retro-inspired indie-pop gem about the pain and suffering in the world and how there's no fix that can rid us of that. 
No Medicine finds the confessional storyteller beautifully showcasing her gorgeous vocals over dreamy lush sonics and chamber pop-infused keys. The song enhances how we're on this planet for a short time and how we're all trying to give some meaning to our lives while here, a message that is flawlessly delivered through her gorgeous, delicate vocals. I am particularly fond of the killer beat throughout the song which is seamlessly paired with lush keys, cool rhythms and ethereal harmonies that together create an overall warm, dreamy atmosphere.



On the single she confides,
There’s no fix that can rid the world of pain or suffering. Nothing changes the fact that we are all here for a short time and are all doing what we can to feel like our time here means something. I often wish things in my own life had played out differently, and I often find myself afraid of what the future will bring.