Noak Hellsing Drops New Single ‘Empty the Bags’

Swedish singer and songwriter Noak Hellsing has just shared his brand new single Empty the Bags, a groovy disco-soul gem out now via TEN Music group. 
The first song to be presented from his upcoming second EP SHIFT, released on July 18th, Empty the Bags is a blissful, feel-good gem that exudes sensuality and carefree nights out, instantlly getting me in a good mood and excited to share it with you guys. Empty the Bags finds the talented artist showcasing his versatility, seamlessly transitioning between pop, soul, and disco, from chest voice to falsetto. I adore his voice and how smoothly it glides over the infectious production, with that gorgeous falsetto enhancing the soul and sensuality of the song, making it stand out even more. Backing his vocals we have groovy rhythms seamlessly intertwined with funky bass, lush disco strings, cool percussive elements and delicate piano keys that come together to create a blissful, danceable atmosphere that is guaranteed to get you in a good mood in no time.



Speaking about the song, Noak said,
"Empty the Bags" is more than just a song. It's a powerful narrative about dedication and unconditional love. It's about how far we're willing to go to protect what's dear to us.