Mickaël SHINE Shares New Single ‘Again and Again’

French singer-songwriter Mickaël SHINE shares his brand new single Again and Again, a raw, emotional piece of pop music. 
Again and Again finds the talented artist exploring love in its many guises: romantic entanglements, and the deep, aching void left bu lost loved ones. You can really feel the raw, honest emotion pouring from his delicate, expressive vocal delivery which beautifully captured my attention from start to finish. A relatable storytelling packed with melancholia and nostalgia which instantly gave me the feels and got me excited to want to share it with you guys. Apart from his lovely vocals, I am particularly fond of the delicate piano keys which are nicely paired with subtle orchestral hints building up with energy with the drums, effortlessly enhancing the emotion of his storytelling, making this song perfect for those reflective moments home alone.