Martha Rose Unveils New Single ‘Chin Up’

Berlin-based British musician Marth Rose shares her brand new single Chin Up, the final single from her upcoming album, Close to Close, which will arrive on May 31st via Mansion and Millions. 
Chin Up is a catchy folk/country ballad that finds the talented artist trying to tell herself to chin up when faced with rejection, a relatable storytelling beautifully delivered through her enchanting vocals and harmonies. Backing her vocals we have intricate acoustic guitar and bass plucks that are seamlessly intertwined with steady drum patterns, subtle electric guitar licks and cool rhythms that come together to create an overall warm, intimate atmosphere.



About the song she writes: 
In this ballad, I’m trying to tell myself to be brave and keep my chin up when faced with rejection. The song continues the album’s theme of dreams that won’t let you let go. It’s a friendly ride along a melancholy road, leaning on the mellow charms of sweet country music.